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Tendonitis is caused by stress, or overuse of tendons in the foot. This can happen to any tendon and may be felt on the inside, outside, top, bottom or back of foot/ankle. The strain may cause the tendon's outer covering to swell or small fibers in a tendon to pull apart. Untreated, tendonitis can put you at risk for further injury, such as a tendon tear or rupture.


At first pain or swelling may come and go quickly. You may feel pain during activity which may be worse at the end of activity and eventually hurt when you walk or just stand. Certain foot types (such as flat feet) make you more susceptible to certain types of tendonitis.


Treatment may include ice, medication, immobilization, activity modification, physical therapy, shoe gear changes and arch supports.


Evaluation by a Podiatrist can help to correctly diagnose the problem and guide treatment.     


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